Why I Chose SBSP

The individual members of SBSP’s Class of 2018 have plenty to share about why they wanted to participate in Chicago Booth’s Summer Business Scholars Program. Not surprisingly, students came to learn from Booth’s world-class faculty and to gain a business acumen that would give them a leg up in their future careers. But they also were motivated by the exceptional caliber of fellow SBSPers and the chance to meet talented people from all over the world.

“I was inspired by the opportunity to be a part of a global network and learn alongside some of the brightest minds in the world,” says Zachary Tanner, a middle school teacher with a political science degree from North Carolina A&T.

sbsp introZachary says he knew from being in the classroom and motivating his own students to follow their dreams that he wanted to put himself in the position to do the same. “I believe SBSP is a strong step to propel me towards it.”

Whether already working or still in undergrad, these students recognized the value of the program and its influence on their professional direction and leadership going forward.

“Even though I was barely on my first year at college, I saw the program online and it really caught my attention,” explains Gabriela Rodriquez, an accounting major at the University of Texas at El Paso. “I started to research more about Chicago Booth and the university, and I knew it would be a great experience for me to get a preview of business courses.”

Coming to the program, Gabriela says SBSP will put her ahead of the game compared to her peers. “It will provide me with business acumen at this early stage of my career that will help me throughout my whole professional life.”

Lisa Schwemmle of Stuttgart, Germany applied for the SBSP program to expand her knowledge of international education and to develop as a person. She wanted to study in a new, challenging environment where she would be surrounded by extraordinary people with a variety of different academic backgrounds.

Additionally, Lisa is interested in seeing the distinctions and similarities between studying in the US versus in Europe. “Ultimately, I hope SBSP will help me decide whether I would like to pursue an MBA in the future,” she says.

With 50 students from 15 countries, University of Pennsylvania student Humberto Fernandez notes the importance of SBSP’s diverse community. “I wanted to connect with peers from around the world with similar business aspirations,” says Humberto. “Gaining such a perspective will help me prepare for my entry into full-time employment.”

Kyle Shishkin was always passionate about business and believed that Chicago Booth would be matchless in offering an introduction to the field. “In just under one week, the SBSP programming widened my understanding of both fundamental accounting and key interpersonal techniques,” says Kyle, who is currently earning a degree in economics from the University of Chicago. “I am grateful for the chance to learn alongside a diverse and bright group of people with many of whom I have had the opportunity to build friendships.”

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