SBSP: Week Two

The SBSP Class of 2018 has been having fun in Chicago while working hard on their studies. From decision making and time management insights to music festivals and roommate confessionals, this group has been busy! Find out what they’ve been up to during Week Two of Chicago Booth’s Summer Business Scholars Program…


What challenge did your team face during the Leadership session?

During the leadership session, a major challenge was our differing opinions on what the team should do next in the session. We resolved it by communicating with each other our personal goals and strategically working through what decision would lead to the best result in the exercise.

Sai Dodda, St. Louis, Missouri
St. Louis College of Pharmacy, Doctorate of Pharmacy


What have you done for fun in Chicago?

I attended the Lollapalooza music festival with several friends that I made in the program. Chicago is a great city during the summer. The weather is great, there are many sights to see, and the restaurants are fantastic. No matter what you're interested in, there is something you'll enjoy in Chicago.

Scott McGill, Scottsdale, Arizona
University of Arizona, Finance


Chicago in the summer is one of the greatest places. The weather is so pleasant and makes the city come alive. There are endless music festivals, street fairs, farmer’s markets, and activities every week. For a more relaxing day, Chicago has beautiful lakefronts and beaches throughout. At night, Navy Pier offers fireworks and the city puts on many shows. Importantly, Chicago’s amazing food culture serves many great frozen desserts. I have had the most amazing time exploring Chicago with Chicago locals on one side of me, and those visiting the US for the first time on the other side.

Adie Present, NYC
University of Chicago, Economics and Computer Science


How have you been exposed you to new perspectives?

Any time you have the chance to work with scholars from around the world, you are bound to learn a lot. The diversity of our SBSP class has been a wonderful element of the program. It is not often that you can share a homework project with four other individuals where each team member comes from a different continent, but that has been a typical experience at SBSP.

Merrik Sanders, Cleveland, Missouri
University of Kansas, English


Having an international network exposes you to new perspectives because everybody brings their own life experiences and cultural differences with them. Through interacting with the other members of the program you gain insight about how different countries work, how their culture is, and how it effects the way people solve complex problems. The intellectual diversity is very rich in SBSP and encourages you to remain open-minded and view things through many different perspectives.

Scott McGill, Scottsdale, Arizona
University of Arizona, Finance


I did not expect such a variance in age, nationality, personality, and past experiences. Because of everyone’s unique background, I have gained a plethora of different perspectives on the coursework and experiences. Most noticeable is the variety in nationality. This specifically has exposed me to people I would otherwise never have had the opportunity to meet. Because of this incredible international network, I have been exposed to different countries’ views on education and their conception of business school. My new global network through SBSP has given me a new perspective on the international job scene, the goals of an MBA, and unique business opportunities.

Adie Present, NYC
University of Chicago, Economics and Computer Science


What is one thing you learned from your roommate?

Having a roommate for the first time in my life is an unforgettable experience. My SBSP roommate helped me become more open to new ideas, culture, and activities—some of which were outside my comfort zone. Late nights in downtown Chicago and conversations about the corporate world (confession: some were super farfetched) provided me great intellectual insights and made me more informed about Chicago, my friends, and most importantly myself!

Muhammad Faisal Hussain, Karachi, Pakistan
Middlebury College, Economics


What’s the SBSP community like?

This community is incredibly welcoming and friendly. Although we have only known each other for two weeks, we have bonded so much and feel very comfortable together. We are an energetic and motivated group. We find fun and humor in all our activities and at the same time put in a great effort in class and in our studies. The collaborative atmosphere has made SBSP a great learning space. We are similar in that we are all hard working and driven. Yet, we come from very diverse backgrounds and are learning a lot from each other. It has been incredibly fun to get to know this group.

Albert Chiu, Vancouver, Canada
Danaher Corporation, Leadership Rotation Program


What did you learn in class?

Professor Pope's course was captivating. He taught us the sociology and psychology behind decision making and negotiations—something we do constantly throughout our day. I can use his teachings when purchasing expensive items, consulting with group members, or simply with friends. Pope's compelling lecture was applicable to everyday use and had me excited to negotiate with someone.

Cole Sanuik, Phoenix, Arizona
University of Arizona, Pre-Business (Finance)


Negotiations and decision making are part of my daily life when planning events with friends and family. I negotiate with my friends and family about where to go to dinner or what activities to do during the day. Even throughout the SBSP program, we must make decisions regarding time allocation. Every night, I must decide how much to study versus how much to sleep versus how much to socialize. The same decisions apply in college and in work atmospheres. Further, during the Lollapalooza music that festival many of us attended this past weekend, you have to negotiate with friends about which artist to see when multiple artists are playing at the same time in different locations.

Sam Valone, Wayland, MA
Middlebury College, Economics


5 best things about Chicago…

1. Chicago Riverwalk
2. Many free events including outdoor symphony, Shakespeare in the Park, etc.
3. Many diverse and unique neighborhoods, including Hyde Park, Streeterville, and Lincoln Park
4. Lake Michigan
5. Cubs game!

Muhammad Faisal Hussain, Karachi, XX
Middlebury College, Economics


1. Deep Dish Pizza
2. Shopping
3. Navy Pier
4. Parks
5. Festivals

Sam Valone, Wayland, MA
Middlebury College, Economics