SBSP: Week Three 

The SBSP Class of 2018 have officially graduated and are headed back to their homes around the world. It’s been a busy three weeks filled with professional development, corporate visits, quality teaching, and exploration around the city of Chicago. In the final week, SBSP scholars dedicated their studies to an Integrated Strategic Management class where they participated in an exciting business simulation called “The Game.”

Hear more from the scholars about their last week of the program as well as parting reflections on SBSP.


Tell us about "The Game."

The Gleacher Game is an interactive team-based game that simulates real business. Your team has to use market data to design, research, and test various products. Your team then develops these products, begins production based on the type of factory you have (as you do better you can get factories that are more efficient), and then sells products as wholesale to other regions through negotiation. Your goal is to use the tools from the other classes to make your team profitable and have long-term value.

Jonathan Smith, Atlanta
Accenture, Strategy Analyst


It’s a challenging game that requires application of all-around knowledge and comprehensive teamwork. "The Game" is appropriate as a name because it is a simulation of real world business situations that need teamwork, problem solving, and critical thinking skills. This game was very demanding. It continuously required us to negotiate, position products, and price them well. It feels like a continuous application of knowledge gained from the past two weeks.

Rachit Mishra, Mumbai
BITS-Pilani Dubai Campus, Mechanical Engineering


What skills did you practice during the third week of the program? 

The Gleacher game was a perfect project to test our abilities as team players. The main priority was good communication. We had to keep everyone aware and informed of everything that was happening within all the regions. The ability to convey our message and information to others in our group was the key to success. Management and organization also had to be maintained throughout the whole game in order for everything and everyone to function properly. Lastly, being held accountable was a very important factor when playing the game because we had to delegate the workload to everyone and trust that they took their role seriously.

Jacqueline Muratalla, El Paso, TX
University of Texas at El Paso, Accounting


Do you feel inspired to continue exploring business concepts after SBSP?

SBSP is a modern approach to business. I was introduced to similar concepts in my management engineering studies, so the basic concepts were familiar to me, but they were explained with a different approach at Booth. Business attracts me in a general sense—from finance to investments, from business models to marketing new products. According to my present competence, I think I need to deepen the marketing concepts and strategies that are important to any business idea. I did not foresee such a course of study in my plan before SBSP and now I know how I can develop further.

Paolo Ralli, Urganano, Italy
University of Bergamo, Management


I feel inspired to take more business courses in the future and will of course continue exploring business concepts hereafter. Being an engineering undergrad, finance and business terms seemed new to me at first. The three weeks here at SBSP helped me understand how business could be and how a career in the field of business or finance could be made.

Sanjana Yerram, Hyderabad
Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, Information technology


How did you use data in the classroom?

In our Financial Accounting class, we used the various financial statements to analyze the growth or decline of companies. For example, we looked at Tootsie Roll and Hershey’s ROI, current ratios, net profits, and assets to determine whether they were fiscally strong. In our Marketing class, we used data to determine which market was the best for our business and gauge the marketing strategies of our competitors. In Integrated Strategic Management, we used data to understand the demand response to our product price, our inventory for our different products, their "days delayed," etc.

Hangil Ryu, Lilburn, Georgia
Brandeis University, Philosophy


How would you define experiential learning?

It’s learning by experience, rather than by memorization or practice. For me, experiential learning was a valuable aspect of the SBSP curriculum that tied everything together and helped us to see the real-world application of the skills we learned. This experience has reaffirmed my aspiration to work in business management and strategy.

Brandon Moy, Glenview, IL
Carleton College, Computer Science


What’s a valuable lesson learned from Booth Faculty?

The most valuable lesson I learned from a Booth faculty member was in our innovation class taught by Professor Terrill. Besides learning beneficial innovation skills, I got to have actual hands-on experience in designing a product. I did not expect that I would be able to so easily sketch a creative idea out of my mind on a piece of paper and work to make it more appealing to the targeted customers. I designed an app that offers fashion tips for people who want similar outfits to celebrities. I was excited I could design a rough sketch of a product in just an hour. I found that class to be the most interesting and we had a blast. You play and then you learn!

Danyang Ralli, Xi’an, China
Sewanee the University of the South, Economics and Mathematics


How did you explore Chicago with your peers?

On the weekends, we had plenty of time to go with friends to explore the different places that Chicago had to offer. I personally find Chicago to be a lot like NYC, but more diverse and calm. We usually went downtown on Saturdays to see the architecture and go to the nice restaurants that Chicago has to offer. Booth is in Hyde Park and there are also many sights and options there. We would take short walks to nearby places like the Osaka Gardens, the beach, and the local dining options.

Fernando Tonelli, Caracas, Venezuela
Universidad Catolica Andres Bello, Economics


During the three weeks, we ate delicious food, visited museums, and enjoyed the city. On the first weekend, we went to an Indian restaurant and it was the first time I ever had authentic Indian food. My friends and I visited the Art Institute of Chicago—I really enjoyed the paintings. We also went to a Cantonese restaurant called Minghin. The food was delicious.

Zehui want, Jilin, China
University of Rochester, Math and Finance


What surprised you most about your SBSP experience?

I think the people surprised me the most. I was anticipating networking and education to be the main benefits of this program, but in the end, it was the people who made all the difference. I have made lasting friendships from the program that I am very fortunate to have.

Sam Kern, Zionsville, Indiana
Sewanee the University of the South, Economics


Why is SBSP worth the investment?

SBSP is worth the investment because it teaches so many valuable skills that can be applied to a wide range of professional settings. In addition, there were many presentations on how to conduct yourself during recruiting and networking activities, which I found extremely valuable.

Solomon Freilich, Englewood, Illinois
University of Chicago, Physics and Economics


Now that you’ve graduated from the program, how would you describe SBSP?

SBSP is an opportunity to meet new people, learn new concepts, and explore different career paths. During the three weeks, students have a packed schedule filled with learning and growing. Whether a person has a background in business or not, SBSP provides great insight into what a career in business might be like. Even as someone with relevant studies, I found that the program helped refresh some of my skills and teach me new skills before I start my career at Microsoft.

Savannah Bice, St. Louis, Missouri
Microsoft, Financial Analyst


Choose 3 words to describe Booth faculty?

Friendly, available, efficient.

Paolo Ralli, Urganano, Italy
University of Bergamo, Management


Cutting edge, caring, excellent.

Fernando Tonelli, Caracas, Venezuela
Universidad Catolica Andres Bello, Economics